Three Ways To Boost Self-Esteem

Would you like to know three surefire ways to boost yourself esteem and make sure you don't feel low or down in mood?

Self-esteem is referred to your opinion about yourself and how you feel about yourself. The more better you feel about yourself and how much you are worthy, the better your levels of self-esteem is. Let's know delve into the three surefire ways to raise your levels of self esteem, where you will feel amazing about yourself.

Carry Out Random Acts Of Kindness

By carrying out random acts of kindness boosts your self-esteem because you help somebody and you see that person's lift mood as it shows you love and respect the people and the community around you and as a result they respond to you more positively. By kind to others, they feel more important and you build your own self-worth too. It also helps you reduce the amount of negative self-talk and any negative emotions and makes you a more positive person.

So next time, there is a car at a junction let them through or if you are regular commuter on publc transport and there is a person with a pushchair with a chair, help them out. It doesn't cost a lot but it will make their day and it will certainly raise your level of positive emotions in your mind. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Jim Rohn says you are the average of the top five people you surround yourself with, meaning the people you surround yourself with and spend most time with is the person you become. You adapt to their habits and mannerisms. So if you were to surround yourself with toxic people who are always moaning and complaining, this is the road to you becoming a moaner and complainer! 

Find people who are always happy and have an upbeat and positive outlook towards life, they will radiate positive energy and this will be contagious to you and you will feel it rub off onto you. People with a positive attitude are the ones who see the good things about you and bring the best of you and by spending time with them will leave you feeling empowered as opposed to people who have a pessimistic attitude which just leech and drain energy and value from you. 

So when choosing who to spend time with pick and choose wisely!


Various scientific studies and case studies show that exercise has a positive impact in self esteem as when you carry out building muscles or cardio exercises it causes the brain to release endorphins, which are like feel good hormones. You also feel a boost of energy and feel less fatigued when you carry out exercise. Also when you see results that you gained muscle or become in better shape, you will look at yourself and instantly feel good about yourself as you put the work and effort to maintain your body. 

If you feel joining the gym is pricy, not to worry just go for a run or perhaps walk up a flight of stairs rather than take the lift. Even get off at one bus stop or train station before your usual one and walk to your destination. Motion creates Emotion and every little helps!