SMILE - It Does Not Cost Anything, But It Will Get Your Far

Would you like to know one single trick that will instantly improve your image and in a way that will improve your chances with women you meet and when on dates?

The trick is to smile. When one smiles it radiates positive energy to a person which makes it contagious and infectious. So when you feel good they feel good. Dale Carnegie in his book How To Win Friends And Influence People mentions a scenario where an old man was sitting at a doctor's surgery fed up of waiting for a long time and sitting next to him in the waiting area of the surgery was a baby in a pushchair was innocently sitting there he looked at the old man and smiled and immediately the old mans mood changed. Can you see how this small simple gesture changed another person's mood?

When one smiles it makes someone feel more welcome in their presence and draws that person to you. You also come across as more interesting and less boring and monotoned when you smile. Smiling shows the other person you are a happy person and as you give off positive vibrations and shows you have a healthy level of self-esteem. You will also come across as a person who enjoys life and doesn't take themselves too serious which is who a woman wants in their ideal man.

If you struggle to carry this out naturally, when you first meet a woman or are in conversation after the first encounter or on a date, think of something that really made you happy, and this will bring back genuine positive emotions into your mind and when you smile will appear more genuine from your mouth and from the eyes where the ends of the eyes are also slightly raised. Women can tell between a fake and genuine smile from the eyes, so this technique will prevent the fake smile from occuring. 

So when you a woman you like for the first time and go on a date and want to leave a better impression, don't forget to SMILE!

P.S Don't forget to get your teeth whitened and keep them clean as yellow ass teeth are a completely turn off!