Go A Tiny Step Further On Your First Date

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could take a tiny tip to make your first date 100 times better for yourself and the woman?

One of the typical venues for a first date would be going to a coffee shop like Costa, Starbucks or Cafe Nero etc. I give you full permission to visit that venue. However, instead of sitting down to have your coffee I advise you to grab a takeaway drink and go for a walk nearby, whilst having your drinks.

Why would this be far better compared to sitting down in the coffee shop?

When there is a setting where the two of you have to sit down opposite each other, its puts pressure on the two of you to speak to each other and you end up subconsciously judging yourselves with whether you said the right thing or not and this results in awkward silences and the need to fill in gaps. 

When you get yourselves a takeaway coffee and go for a walk, there will be more things to talk about in your surroundings which will come out naturally. For example, let us say you two see a street performer who is beatboxing or something interesting in the nearby shop window, you would probably make a comment about it and she will share something about it and it will come out more naturally.

Also as the primary activity of yours will be walking along, you will be concentrating less the speaking to each element of your date meaning it will be more free flowing and present. Imagine if you met a friend and you grabbed a coffee and took a walk, you won't be in your head thinking of what to say and what not to say. So your interaction will be more fluid and she will get to see, feel and experience the real you and you are more likely to talk to her and treat her like a person you have known for a long time and this will result in a more quality first date as you have not done any "trying" to create and leave the best first impression. 

You will be more spontaneous as you could end up in a park nearby or end up going to the local arcades and the more spontaneous things that happen are usually the most fun as women like things that occur through serendipity.

So next time you are having a first date, Yes get a coffee from a coffee shop but take a small step out the door by taking a takeaway coffee/tea/hot chocolate and have a better quality first date!