Be Happy Single and go from single to taken

Do you feel unhappy because you feel you are single and not in a relationship? Do you reckon by not being single and being in a relationship you will be happier?

Today I will discuss ways on how to be happy whilst being a single man and how this will benefit you as an man and raise your chances to find that special woman.

If you feel you want a relationship, ask yourself, why do I really want to be with somebody? How is it going to serve me?

Whether you are single or not should not determine your level of happiness. A lot of people get into a relationship because they feel it will help them to fill in a hole that is missing and this is coming from a place of scarcity rather than abundance. The truth of the matter is that if you are coming from this particular mindset you may get a temporary boost, however you will end up finding faults in the relationship which you enter and this will trigger that negativity, disputes and arguments and soon you will be back to where you started. Happiness and abundance starts from within and something you create by yourself regardless of what your circumstances are and whether you have a girlfriend or not.

First step I would like you to do is accept the fact that you are single. The pain you are feeling for not being with somebody is caused by you not willing to accept the fact that you are single and don't have a girlfriend. Mental pain and disappointment is caused by the ability to not accept something and constantly dwelling on why its not working out for you and this will not do you any favours.

Next I want you to start building your life whilst single. So whilst you are single, start carrying out activities which make you feel satisfied and living in the moment and in the groove. If you don't have hobbies, join your local gym, local meet-up group or any evening classes nearby which will enable you to meet people and expand your social circle and potentially some single women. Spend quality time with friends who admire you and appreciate you for who you are, as by doing that they will bring out the best of you and you will feel good about yourself. Most importantly and in addition, surround yourself with positive people, as their positive energy will be contagious to you and you will start to feel more positive and have better mood levels most of all feel good about yourself as according to Jim Rohn, you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

If there are people that you work with and if you feel you have a quality friendship and connection with them organise after work drinks, meals or other activities such as golf, table tennis, pool, darts or even a holiday and ask them to bring their friends as well as this will give you an opportunity to meet new people and possibly some female friends who may be single. Organising and arranging social events will also develop your organisational and leadership skills, which is something women find attractive.

Having an active social life will also create memories and stories which you can share to those you newly meet including potential women who are single and you will not come across as a boring person and one that has an exciting life with things going on, who she is more likely to connect with,

Whilst you are single, utilise that time to to develop yourself by reading personal development books, listening to Youtube Videos and podcasts relating to self-help and how to become the best version of yourself by building your self-confidence, self-esteem and building a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By carrying this out, you will become a better version of yourself as you will become more self-aware of your thought processes and how you are showing up to the world with fewer internal issues, so as you will experience a breakthrough, when you meet potential single women, you will show up as the best version of yourself and hence more attractive to the ladies. Also, if you have worked on your personal development beforehand, when you enter into a relationship, you will be a more positive person meaning you will be more understanding to your potential partner, have an enjoyable experience dating, and have fewer unresolved issues, you will have a better quality and healthier relationship, where any issues will be dealt with more effectively and constructively and less heated arguments. 

If you have any favourite TV shows, that you truly enjoy, watch them also to keep your mind occupied. Try watching new TV shows, even ones you have never watched before. Youtube also has an abundance of channels such as educational channels, interviews, prank channels, videos containing interesting facts, games etc. Sometimes viewing and doing things unusual will make you quirky and others will find this attractive. This is also something you can talk about and share to new people you meet.

On the whole, whilst you are single, embrace being single, rather than forcing to change that by trying to get a girlfriend. Develop hobbies and choose the people you hang out with wisely, develop an active social life and do things to keep your mind occupied and additionally open doors to meet new people, expand your social network and raise your chances of meeting potential single women. Also, take time to develop yourself through engaging in self-help books and digital products as you will show up to the world and to others as the best version of yourself.  You will have a better quality of life and this will appear more attractive to women, and people are more likely to resonate with you and they will want to come for the ride by starting to date you and they will have a less bumpier one on the way and you in the relationship will have a lower chance of crashing when obstacles come up.