Compliment Women Properly By adding detail

Would you like to know how to compliment a woman properly? In a way that will score you more points and make you stand out in comparison to other men and want to connect with you more?

In this article you will be given two pointers on how to compliment women that you have just met recently in a way that will create impact to the ladies you meet. 

The first reason is all behind the mindset behind it and the place it’s coming from. If you feel its with the intent of impressing her with the hope that you will get a positive reaction and to get her number and get her out on a date, then the perspective why you compliment will need to be changed as that intent will make you look needy and approval seeking.

The reason as to why you give a compliment is to show appreciation on how the woman has made the effort and taken the time to look good and to recognise her for who she really is as a person and simply give value with no expectation for her. When you deliver a compliment coming from this mindset behind it and combining with the second way mentioned in this blogpost, the woman will feel more genuinely appreciated that you see her for her as a human being and more likely to resonate with you. 

The second way is to add detail when delivering a compliment to woman relating to what she is wearing or any accessories or props she is holding. The more detail you can give the better. This is far more effective that simply stating a generic compliment such as “

You look nice”

“You look gorgeous”

“Nice hair”

“Nice shoes”

The ones above are too generic and the woman has probably heard it before from other men and it shows to her you haven't made any effort and are just using it to fill gaps up in a conversation and give a compliment just for the sake of it.

To deliver a killer compliment you need to observe closely what she is wearing such as clothes, make-up, accessories, hair and make sure to add as much detail as possible. The detail could include how to things go together, a back story behind it related to you or your friends or even a joke or tease linked to the compliment. 

An example could be if she is wearing pink oversized frame glasses you could say “Hey I really like you pink glasses, you look like a geeky hello kitty”. 

Another one is “I like your very faint pink top, its very summery and goes well with the light blue trousers, you have a pastel theme going there”. 

Another example could be that “I love your bright green tights, you are definitely someone not afraid to stand out and for you everyday you must be in a Christmas spirt” Or alternatively you can say “I love those bright green tights, you look like a Christmas tree, you everyday you must be in the Christmas spirit”. 

If she is wearing blue nail polish and you like the colour blue you could state “I like your blue nails, they are short simple and one colour, as they say simplicity is key”

Can you see by adding detail and making it more personal because you are relating it to her. In the example I gave regarding the green tights, her favourite colour may be green so this is tapping into something she genuinely likes form the heart and something that makes her excited so as you have tapped into that and you have recognised this about her, she will respond more positively to it and therefore connect with you. Similarly in the example above of the pink glasses, she may be a very bin fan of hello kitty and may have loved it as a little gitl, so as she feels more appreciated for the fact that you’ve recognised her for that, the woman will more likely connect with you. 

So next time you delivery a compliment, closely observe something unique and original about her and add details to the compliment rather than stating a generic one. You will definitely stand out from the other men and she will more than likely want to connect with you.