Do you see that woman you like at a distance and your mind is crippled with fear, not knowing what to say or do?

Do you see your friends and other people out there in relationships and with girlfriends, yet you are alone and still single?


Do you want to…

…learn to overcome the fear of being rejected by women?
…know how to approach women with ease?
…never run out of things to say?
…have impactful conversations and bring out your own charisma?
…experience an amazing date so she will want to see you again?

Luckily, I am here to…

…support you in fixing this area of your life and help you to become a conversation ninja.
…guide you to create a game plan to fix this.
…help you create better connections with women, be more comfortable around them, and experience higher quality dates.
…help you raise your chances of being a more charismatic and likeable person around women.

Are you ready for your one hour free session? Contact me and be going out on a date by next month.


I believe that, regardless of negative past experiences and what life has thrown at you, there is still hope and a way to transform and become more appealing to women, no matter how bad your negative dating experiences were. All it takes is a shift in your mindset that says, “I can make it happen,” and a desire to take action. Let us begin our journey and see past the negative experiences you have had, and let me support you to become the best version of yourself and to place yourself in the dating scene to get the women you desire.

Here is the process:

  • We speak over the phone, face-to-face or via Skype, getting to know each other and gathering where you are when it comes to women.
  • We identify an area in your dating life where you feel you are struggling, and create a game plan to improve those areas and work on those sticking points.
  • We meet regularly to put to action your tailored game plan so you can get women interested in you and have amazing dates.

Make that change today and unleash your masculine core. Contact me to begin our amazing journey.



Prash showed me some useful conversation tactics, which I have used before, but I was unaware of what I was doing. Knowing different ways to express myself has been useful in keeping the conversation interesting
— Max
Before I worked with Prash, I struggled with how to make conversations go further with girls. Now I understand how to make a woman feel comfortable around me and I can have better conversations with women.
— Sebastian


Do you want to be going on a date by next month? Would you like to approach women with no

hesitation? I can support you to begin your one-to-one coaching session free of charge.

We will begin to…

…Identify where you are in your dating life.

…Define where you want to be and work on your sticking points to get you there.

…Get excited to begin your journey by figuring out how you will get there.

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About Prash

I was born and brought up in London. As a child and in my teens I didn’t fit in and went through a lot of hardship and abuse. As a result of this occurring on a long term basis, I always labelled myself as the victim and was always thinking to myself thoughts like, “Hello, World, what are you going to throw at me today?” and “Why does this always happen to me?” I also developed low selfesteem and was very shy and uncomfortable with myself and around people.

Additionally, I had no social skills, was always the one sitting on the fence, was ostracised and never part of “the crew,” and was terrified about speaking to and approaching women. When I saw a woman I liked, I had no idea what to do and my mind would freeze.

I made the decision to get this area of my life fixed and took drastic action by facing my fear of approaching women regardless of what happened, and I came to realise that growth only happens when one faces their deepest fears, steps out of their comfort zone despite failing, and never gives up.

I realised—after facing my fears with women and going out and approaching them, tweaking my thinking in a more positive direction, and not allowing past negative experiences to affect how I feel about and define myself—that I had learned to value my true and confident self. I also came to the realisation that there is still hope and any human has the power to create a life based on what they desire.

As a confidence and charisma coach, I would love to support and work with you. This is something that I get intense joy and fulfilment out of.

Reach out to me today to begin your transformation with 0% messing around and 100% action to achieve the results you want.